Thursday, October 31, 2013



Here they all are dressed up and ready to go trick-or-treating.
They ended up getting plenty of candy.

I had fun dressing up today too.
I went to the store to get the Halloween Candy, and we got a lot of it.

Joyanne had flash back day,
So she dressed like an old lady.
Hello, Grandma! 

Grant snuggled with Daddy this morning.
He had a slight fever and a cough. 
James was fevering most of the day and didn't feel well.
With Motrin he felt a little better and was able to do just a little trick-or-treating. 

It truly was a Happy Halloween.

We hope you had a Happy Halloween too!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Crazy Hair Day

It was crazy hair day at the middle school for Joyanne.
This was her idea for crazy hair.
Funny, crazy girl! 

Another sick day at home for us.
We had to miss out on the Library Halloween walk.
James had a fever today, and Grant was still trying to get over his.
We spent the night up with him.
He felt miserable.
We hope they feel better tomorrow for Halloween.

My throat is on fire.
Hopefully it goes away by Friday.
I'm auditioning for a community choir then.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Just Wanna Read

I just wanna read today.
I started a book "One Tattered Angel" by Blaine M. Yorgason and I absolutely love it.

Grant was sick with a fever today.
Now he has a cough to go with it.

Poor little guy just wanted to sit on the couch most of the day.

Joyanne is excited for crazy hair day tomorrow and got practicing today. 
Silly girl!!!
We sure love her.

Monday, October 28, 2013

What a Man!

This morning we had fruit drinks for breakfast.
Grant is sporting a manly mustache here.

What a cutie!
James said he wanted a mustache too.

The last two Mondays have been overloaded for me.
I even started the wash last week and got 3 loads washed and dried and then 2 more loads today.
I wake up on the morning and hit the ground running.
Yet, all day, I felt behind.

But I am so grateful I could go visiting teaching today.
That was very uplifting.
And I met the daughter of the author, Blaine M. Yorgason.
I had no idea the lady I visit teach was his daughter, Tami.
I feel thrilled to know Tami and admire her so much.
She is a true shining example for me.

I accomplished a lot today and truly could not have done all I did without my Prince Charming.
He did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen ALL DAY!!!
It was such a big help.
And he's still trying to get better from losing his voice.
What a man!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Primary Program

Children are so sweet and innocent.
Here's James, who had fallen asleep while reading last night.

Today was the primary program at our church.
Those children sang so sweetly, it made me tear up.

James was cute as he got up to say his part and then turned and said, "I don't remember."
He was helped with his part.
Joyanne, Noah, Hiram, and Jaden said their parts with ease.
I love the simple lessons these children teach us.

For my relaxing part of the day I made 2 kinds of cookie dough:
Snickerdoodles and Ginger Snaps.
The sad part is I ended up just rolling the dough into cookie balls and just freezing it.
We have had so many sweets today that I guess we'll just have cookies tomorrow.

I was a little snappy today.
Jaden was still a little sick with a cough and went home with Daddy half way through the Primary Program.
Daddy lost his voice today and rested.
Now I get to have a little down time.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pumpkin Festival

What a long night for Daddy.
He worked until after midnight and then was back to work at 6am.
Sleep came easily for him this afternoon with a raspy voice to go with it.

Joyanne found a new spot she likes to read. 

We went to the Jensen Pumkin Festival
We were sad that Jaden couldn't come.
He had a slight fever and bad cough.
Daddy and Grant stayed home with him.

There were a lot of fun kid games.
There was a bean-bag toss, mini haunted house, pumpkin throw, hay maze, tricycle maze and
here they did a fish pond where a bag of popcorn or cotton candy was the prize.
All the activities were free - that was the best part!

They had many themed pumpkin carving decoration sets.
We were thinking the Prescotts from back home in Idaho would have loved this.

The great big bonfire was pretty fun and HOT!
Noah and James are here in the picture.

Fun day, but sad to have Jaden sick.
I try so hard to have the kids wash hands, take vitamins and Onguard, and we have been cleaning our house well.
I feed my kids healthy foods and make sure they get plenty of sleep.
Yet every year we seem to get sick.
Aaaaargh!!! :(
Here's to hoping for healthier days.

Friday, October 25, 2013

More Leaves

We had more fun playing in the leaves again today.

Daddy is working a TON lately.
Tonight he caught a bad guy.
He's doing a good job.
I miss him!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Leafy Moments

On the spur of the moment I had my kids load in the car.
We drove to the park where there's lots of trees and LOTS of leaves.
We all started raking a HUGE pile of leaves. 
The pile ended up being as tall as James and as long or longer than Joyanne.

It got dark quickly, but here are the kids about to jump in the leaf pile.

And here they all are rolling around and playing in the leaves.
We had a great big leaf fight and buried ourselves in the pile.
For some reason the kids kept throwing their armful of leaves at me. ;)
Leaves flew everywhere; down our shirts, pants and coated our hair.
When we got home there was leaves all over the car and even tracked into the house.
But the memory and spontanitiety of it all will last forever.
We can clean up the leaves tomorrow.

I forgot the rakes so I went back and quickly raked up the pile again so maybe someone else can enjoy the pile tomorrow.
Then I took a trip to the store and picked me up a treat. 
Excited to just sit back and relax and get out of my leaf-filled clothes. :)


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Park Day

It was a beautiful, cool, clear autumn day to be at the park.
We played for 2 1/2 hours.
James climbed clear across the rope.

Grant had lots of fun, especially playing in the bark.
We did our workbook pages there and our reading as well.

Our ward had a soup night.
There were lots of soups brought.
I brought a creamy cabbage soup and it was good!
Even the kids liked it.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sick Noah

Noah has had a miserable sick 2 days.
It's not fun to have to stay on the couch or in bed ALL day.
He has enjoyed playing a bit on the Ipad and watching movies.
But hopefully he will go back to school tomorrow.

This sickness has swept through half of us.
Last Monday I felt sick to my stomach.
It lasted me all week, except I never threw up or had diarrhea.
On Wednesday and Thursday morning, at the same time each morning, Hiram threw up.
Then he felt hungry and better the rest of the day with diarrhea following the next day.
Friday and Saturday morning, at the same time each morning, Grant threw up.
Then he felt hungry and better the rest of the day with diarrhea following the next day.
It sure is a funny case of the flu.
Now we'll see if Joyanne, James, Jaden, and Daddy are spared from the flu.
Hopefully so.

Our scout pack meeting was fun and cold.
We had a hot dog roast out at the park.
One boy earned his arrow of light.
They had a fun ceremony of scouts dressing as Indians and passing on the arrow of light.
Scouts is fun!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Coming Home

We came home yesterday from a fun-filled weekend visiting family and having our Halloween party.
The view, on the way home, was beautiful.

I loved the feeling of being home.
I quickly got busy putting away all our clothes and things.
We enjoyed our home-away-from-home at my brothers, but it was nice to come home.
This place we've lived in for about 6 months feels like home and we like it!

The kids had fun carving the pumpkins we bought from the Blood's.
Creative kids! 
Do you see Grant with his funny glasses?

We made yummy pumpkin seeds as well.
This time of year is a great time of year.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Star Wars Halloween Party

We had our 8th annual Family Halloween Party on Saturday.
We love Halloween.
Our first party was Clue themed.
The next year was Pirates of Carribbean.
The 3rd year was Harry Potter.
Renaissance theme followed for our 4th year.
A magic show theme preceeded.
Monsters and Villains were our 6th year theme.
Super Heros was last year.

This years theme was . . .

For dinner we ate Han Burgers and Spaceships, which was pulled pork on hamburger buns or in a tortia with cheese.
We had the forests of Ewoks, which was salad.
There was a storm trooper cheese ball and crackers.
Princess Leia buns was Braided Jewish bread.
Yoda Soda was the drink, which was lemon-lime soda and lime sherbet.
Desserts were light saber swords; pretzels dipped in dyed cream cheese frosting and sprinkles.
And we also had wookie cookies; no-bake cookies.
Ewok droppings were baked pumpkin seeds.

We played 3 games:
Force Corners - 4 corners with the republic, Ewok land, Dark side, and ewok land.
Ja Ja Binks Clones - One person is it;  he/she has to guess who is the real Ja Ja Binks while everyone mimcs what Ja Ja is doing.
Star Wars Angry Bird shoot - we set up boxes and pictures of Star Wars Angry Birds at the pictures.  Prize was awarded.

Can't wait for next years FAIRYTALE theme . . .

Friday, October 18, 2013


The day didn't start out to well.
We woke up to the sounds of Grant throwing up.
He threw up a few times this morning.
We thought we might not be able to go to Lagoon like we so hoped, prayed for and planned.

We decided to just go and hope Grant would be okay.
We were ever watchful with Grant and were pleased that he never threw up anymore while we were at Lagoon, AND he ate a full lunch and dinner.

We all had so much fun as a family.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Unplanned Sick Day

Hiram threw up again last night, or actually this morning, at 3a.m.
He threw up the night before last as well, but we decided to come and keep him in the room we are staying in at my brother's house.
So we didn't go to Lagoon as planned today.
Hopefully tomorrow we can go as long as no one else comes down with it.
Hiram posed for me looking sick.  Ha ha I think he is actually feeling better now.

I helped my nephew with his script he is acting in.

My cute nieces had fun taking pictures.

Joyanne had fun posing with her cousin.

I had fun going to Orange Leaf with this neice.
We had a great talk.

Noah had a fun taking a picture of himself.

My nephew is entering in on the stage to practice for his play.
Daddy is sneaking around the corner trying to attack Joyanne.