Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter!

Easter was a special day for us.
The kids found their baskets.
They found an extra basket full of books.
The dyed, boiled eggs were so delicious for breakfast.
After church the kids went on an egg hunt in our backyard.
Each of kids were able to find 12 of their own pattern of eggs.
Joyanne had the flower patterned ones, Noah had the football shaped eggs, Hiram had baseball ones, Jaden had eggs with emojis on them, James had poke-a-dot eggs, and Grant had chick shaped eggs.

They also looked for a golden egg for each of them, with a special surprise inside ($5).

The best part about Easter was remembering the Atonement of Jesus Christ, that He lived and died for us and was resurrected.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Finding Eggs and Lost Teeth

  • The 4 boys had so much fun getting lots of candy from the city Easter Egg Hunt.

The plastic eggs were spread out in the field and the kids would collect 3 of them and then run back to the table, turn them in, and get 3 big candy bars, a mini cereal box, or treats.
Then they ran back out to collect 3 more eggs.
Hiram got 20 eggs, Jaden got 9, James got 13, and Grant got 5.

Noah and Joyanne went out at 9pm for a teenage Easter egg hunt in the dark. They brought flashlights and collected eggs that were filled with tootsie rolls, Atomic Fireballs, and bubble gum.

At 5pm, Noah mentioned that a couple of his teeth hurt and were wiggly.
He started wiggling them and within an hour, Noah pulled out 3 of his teeth.
Now he's pretty toothless!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Hogle Zoo and Tahiti

The rain came down, but we went to the zoo anyways with jackets and umbrellas.
The animals were out and moving around because of the nice cool weather.
The rain didn't last too long and the beautiful, warm sun came out.
The kids enjoyed a ride on the zoo animal carousel.
All the animals were fun to see, but the monkies were by far the best!

This little orangutan was so entertaining to watch play around.
The orangutans were so smart and would wrestle around.
They would come up to the window and give us kisses in the window, or look at the things we pulled out of our bags.

We ended the evening at Mike and Linda's to see Ben open his mission call.
He is going to Tahiti, French Speaking, on July 265th.
So exciting and crazy to think Ben is ready to go.

I loved sitting with Lily and reading her stories and getting so many hugs from her.

Friday, April 7, 2017

New Driver

Joyanne now has a driver's permit.
She is actually a really good driver and learning very fast.
She is learning to break smoothly and make good turns.
She drove all the way to Logan and back.
Joyanne and I saw the movie "Beauty and the Beast".
That movie is definitely exceptionally excellent!
The music was memorable, the actors played their part so well, and it was just so good.

The boys were being so silly eating their Jello.
They didn't eat it with a fork or a spoon, but slurped it all up in their mouth.
It's one of those things you had to be there to see, but it was sure funny.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Soccer and General Conference

This morning Jaden, James and Grant had soccer games.

They had fun playing, and the weather was sunny and clear.

Cozette looks all sweet and innocent sleeping, but she's definitely not!
The last 2 days she has been dashing out the door and running off.
She always comes back, but one of these days she's going to get hit by a car or something else.
So, to her crate she goes for a time-out.
Still trying to figure out how to train her to stay at our home.

We enjoyed watching General Conference.
We loved seeing our neighbors and friends sing in the afternoon session.