Thursday, September 13, 2018

Goodbye Zeus, Hello Unclogged Toilet

I bought an adorable 1 year old male husky for Hiram.
He loved to run around and play.
He was so happy.
We named him Zeus.
After getting him home, we learned we were in for it.
He started by chasing our 2 kittens, and then our little dog, Cozette.

I read up on huskies and how much attention and exercise they need.
We started taking him on bike ride walks.
While we rode our bikes, he would run beside us.

Zeus started digging holes in our yard and getting out of the fence by opening it himself.
I tied up the fence to keep him in.

The last straw was when he was out playing in the yard, grabbed one of the kittens in his mouth and shook it.
He punctured the kitten's lung, and the kitty died.
We were all very sad, and held a little funeral for the kitty, Nannerl.

The next day Zeus viciously attacked our old dog, Possum.
He would also chase Cozette.
I finally decided, for the safety of our other animals, to take Zeus back to the animal shelter.
Goodbye Zeus!

On a happier note, our nicely clogged toilet that overflowed and flooded our bathroom, finally got fixed by a Valley Rooter guy.
Yay for unclogged toilets!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Braces on Fast . . . Feels like Forever.

We went in to Elison Orthodontics to check out if Joyanne and Noah should get braces.
They needed them, and they had time to do them right then, so they both got braces put on right away.
Noah was so excited to FINALLY get on braces, but Joyanne was less than excited because she's had them before.
They both won't be excited in a few days when they realize how much they hurt in the beginning. 😉

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Fishing with Grandpa

Our boys were able to go fishing with Grandpa this last weekend.
Daddy was with us, and Grandpa was greatful to be able to rely on Daddy to help him.
We drove up to Ashton and Grandpa knows all the great fishing spots.
He took his boat about a mile up river and anchored in this little cove.
After setting up the boys lines and casting them in, the boys starting catching fish left and right, over and over again.
They caught about 20-30 fish, but we only took home about 12.
Noah was a great help to Grandpa as he would help the others reel in their fish, and take the fish off the hooks.

John and Wanita and their girls were also there.
John was a great rower as he got is back safely to the dock.

I rode the kayak for a while, and even took Grant for a ride.

James had a great time!

Cozette was thrilled to be with us too.

Wanita also took Amanda Serena out on the water.
We went back to Grandma's for a fantastic lunch of soup and rolls.
The day was perfect.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

First Day of School for 2018

Here they all are on their first day of school from last week.

They all are growing up so fast!

Grant couldn't be cuter or more excited for his first day of 1st grade.

Handsome James is ready to talk away in Spanish Immersion.

Jaden is feeling quite mature and excited to be entering the big middle school.

Studly Hiram is the oldest in his middle school and looking forward to a great year.

Sweet Joyanne is going to knock all those boys dead with her good looks and amazing talents.

And, Noah, ohhhhhh boy!
All those girls are going to be after this handsome hunk!
He is feeling good about entering High School as a freshman.

James and Grant can't believe they get to ride the bus.

Have a great first day of school!

Monday, September 3, 2018

Cozette and the New Dog, Zeus

Cozette has found some cute places to rest in our home, like the blanket bin.

She loves to sleep in the room with me, and takes up the craziest positions, especially when she's hot.

We went to the pound to look at dogs and found this 11 month old, husky who we instantly fell in love with.
We ended up adopting him.
He is quite an energetic dog who seeks for lots of attention.
We have found that if we ride our bikes and have him run beside us, his energy gets used up really fast and really well.
It's a fun way to exercise him.
The dog is Hiram's, and he named the dog Zeus.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Fun Times with Daddy

A couple weeks ago we enjoyed going to our cousin's missionary farewell.
Noah had so much fun with his cousin, Billy, doing flips and twists on and off the trampoline.

Rachel is the cousin going on a mission to West Virginia.
Rachel and Joyanne look so much alike.

Jasmine and Grant had fun doing crazy things on the rings hanging from the trees.

We also enjoyed a day with Daddy at Fat Cat's in Rexburg.
Bowling was fun for all of us.

We also played indoor miniature golf.
We learned good sportsmanship and how to play all together.
We sure love spending time together as a family.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Pack Meeting

Cozette is such a cutie, and she brings all of us so much comfort as she excitedly wags her tail and runs up to us when we get home.

James went to his first pack meeting here.
We had fun making up a skit and presenting it to the others.

We got a water filter system put in our home.
Now we'll have really clean water coming in through our well.

The kids have had so much fun running around with the neighbor kids nearly every day since we've moved here.
Our subdivision has so many young kids.
It's nice that they have so many friends close by in such a small town.
I love my home, the friends I have here, and everything about this place.
But, I miss my husband who is still working in Utah, and my dear friends.
I can't wait to see them soon for a visit!