Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Woodbadge Awards

After a year of working hard at getting our Woodbadge goals completed, Daddy and I were finally awarded our beads on October 19th.
We loved Woodbadge last year and are so grateful for all we learned.
We made a lot of good friends that we will cherish forever.
Debra was great leader who always showed how much she cared about each of us.

Daddy, our Bear Leader, Lisa, and me.

Daddy, Lisa, Paul, and me.

The Greenbelt

It was a nice day way back in October when we went around the Greenbelt on our bikes.
Even Cozette and Noah had a blast running around.

Student of the Month

James was student of the month at his school for the month of September.
He is such a great kid who knows his Spanish really well, thanks to Spanish Immersion.
He works hard in all subjects at school and is a great friend to all.
Way to go, James!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Homecoming Dance

Joyanne really enjoyed going to Homecoming with Dylan.
She was flattered to be asked when we have just moved here.
The boys here in Idaho are so nice and love to date.
They had fun going to the corn maze and then to Artic Circle.
The dance was beautiful and fun, but they only stayed a short while before they were off to hang out at someone else's home.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Happy Birthday, Grant!

Grant had a fun birthday with lots of yummy food.
For breakfast he had coffee cake with hot chocolate.
Grant received a new bird last week that he named Moonlight.
He was happy to get his own soccer ball, and his very own box of Wheat Thin crackers that he loves so much.
What a happy day for Grant!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Goodbye Zeus, Hello Unclogged Toilet

I bought an adorable 1 year old male husky for Hiram.
He loved to run around and play.
He was so happy.
We named him Zeus.
After getting him home, we learned we were in for it.
He started by chasing our 2 kittens, and then our little dog, Cozette.

I read up on huskies and how much attention and exercise they need.
We started taking him on bike ride walks.
While we rode our bikes, he would run beside us.

Zeus started digging holes in our yard and getting out of the fence by opening it himself.
I tied up the fence to keep him in.

The last straw was when he was out playing in the yard, grabbed one of the kittens in his mouth and shook it.
He punctured the kitten's lung, and the kitty died.
We were all very sad, and held a little funeral for the kitty, Nannerl.

The next day Zeus viciously attacked our old dog, Possum.
He would also chase Cozette.
I finally decided, for the safety of our other animals, to take Zeus back to the animal shelter.
Goodbye Zeus!

On a happier note, our nicely clogged toilet that overflowed and flooded our bathroom, finally got fixed by a Valley Rooter guy.
Yay for unclogged toilets!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Braces on Fast . . . Feels like Forever.

We went in to Elison Orthodontics to check out if Joyanne and Noah should get braces.
They needed them, and they had time to do them right then, so they both got braces put on right away.
Noah was so excited to FINALLY get on braces, but Joyanne was less than excited because she's had them before.
They both won't be excited in a few days when they realize how much they hurt in the beginning. 😉