Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hiram's Happy Birthday

Hiram turned 12 and is now a young man.
He was so anxious and excited to turn 12 so he could go to mutual and scouts with Noah and Dad.
He had already received scout pants and another gift early, so he wasn't expecting many presents.
He was so surprised to get 11 more gifts.
He received treats from Noah and some cap guns.
But his favorite present of all was the big box of Lego Batman Legos.
He spent some time putting it together and it wasn't long before he was proudly displaying and showing everyone how the Legos move and do cool things.

Hiram's birthday was also exciting because our family joined the Richard's family and had a bounce house, swim party.
In the evening we went to Mantua and enjoyed fireworks.
How cool is that to have fireworks on your birthday!

Happy Birthday, Hiram!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Scout Camp

Daddy is the scout master in our ward so he went to scout camp with Noah and Hiram.
They had a blast earning lots of merit badges.
The boys did the polar bear plunge, where early in the morning they jump in the cold water.
They participated in a Lantern tour.

They worked hard on lots of merit badges, like this one was Metal work.

They went hiking.

Noah and Hiram earned 9 merit badges each.
They are well on their way to becoming Eagle Scouts.

Upstart Graduate

Grant has been doing an online preschool, called Upstart, this year.
He has worked hard 5 days a week, at least 20 minutes each day, learning to read, do math, and science.
He loves it at the beginning, but by May, he was ready to be done.
But Grant stuck through to the end and graduated.

Grant is such a hard worker and a smart boy.

Hiking up Crimson Ridge

Life is busy with 6 wonderful kids who like to be active and enjoy lots of attention.
One activity we like to do as a family is to go hiking.
In Logan, up the canyon, is a beautiful hike, up Crimson Ridge.

The weather was perfect, warm with a cool breeze blowing.

It was refreshing to get 7-11 slurpies after a nice hike.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Murder Party

Joyanne invited her friends to a dinner murder party.
They had a delicious dinner, and then they had to work together to solve a murder mystery.

They were a bunch of silly teenage girls, but it didn't take them long to solve the mystery.
They finished the night off with watching the movie, "Clue".

Taking the girls home was quite the adventure and took about 2 hours.
One girl, who was 15 years old, could not remember how to get home.
We had to drive around for about 15 minutes until the girl could see something familiar and guide us to her house.

The night was a long one, but very fun!

Aquarium Night

We went to the Loveland Living Aquarium for a work party.
We also won a 6-man tent.
The kids loved seeing all the sharks, manta rays, and the many variety of fish there were.

Life is cruising along at a clipping pace, with lots of fun activities that are filling our summer days.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Lasik Eye Surgery

A couple weeks ago I went in to see if I would qualify for surgery on my eyes so I wouldn't have to wear glasses or contacts anymore.
I proceeded with the surgery, and now I see fabulously well.
The first day my eyes stung and burned quite a bit, but I managed to do okay.
 The days following the surgery went pretty well.
 My eyes now have almost completely healed.
 It's great to wake up and not have to worry about putting on contacts or wearing glasses.
 And now I can wear sunglasses, and I really enjoy them!