Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Last night my prince charming helped me give Trixie a haircut.
She was in sore need of one.
I had let her hair grow since November so she would stay warm through winter outdoors.

Trixie went to Hiram's class for show-and-tell.
Trixie loved getting out to the school and having attention from all those 2nd graders. 

James enjoyed me reading lots of stories after returning from the library today.

Monday, April 29, 2013

My Little Buddies

Grant is my little buddy.
He likes to follow me around and do everything I'm doing.
James also likes to play games with me and read stories.
I love how when the kids are little they just want to follow you around and do all the same things you are.
Sometimes it can be hard, but I love how much they love me.
I love my kids very much.
I met my goal today and got all the boxes from the garage in the rooms they belong.
I was finally able to pull my van into the garage.  Yay!!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sabbath Day

I was so happy that Grant took an hour nap before Church.
He was pretty good through Sacrament Meeting and then went to all of nursery.
It's a little strange for me to be able to sit through all of Sunday School and Relief Society on my own.

Joyanne planned a fun activity with her brothers.
She made a Dragon Paradise Club where her brothers were able to play with things in her room.
Those boys sure look up to their sister and admire her.

A walk through the walking park with our family was very enjoyable this evening.
I'm ready for bed now.
It's funny how when you're young you don't wanna go to bed, but when you're older you don't wanna get out of bed.

What do you like to do on the Sabbath Day?

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Boot Camp at the Library

At the Library they had a boot camp.
The city police were there and showed us their police dog.
They talked about what their job is and bike safety.

They had an ambulance with their crew there.
Hiram, Jaden, and James were able to push the sirens on the ambulance.
The kids also did an obstacle course and practiced archery.
They had the kids doing exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks.

We went swimming at our recreation center.
We have so much fun there as a family.

After "Little Caesar's Pizza" for dinner, Jade and I went on a date.
We went to the walking park with its little pond and nice walkway.
We enjoyed talking and holding hands.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Fun and not so fun

This morning it was nice to see Daddy snuggling with Grant.  Those two are pretty good pals. 
 Tonight the kids were able to watch a movie with popcorn.  Fun!
Jaden had to go to bed and miss the movie. 
We walked all the way to the school playground to play and then he pooped his pants. 
Sad days!
Cleaning it up was disgusting and not fun.

I'm having a mini pity party tonight.
Not sure why. 
Could be because I want to get out and Daddy's working.
It could be because I'm tired.
Whatever it is, hopefully tomorrow I'll feel better.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Taking Time to Listen

Tonight was one of those nights I can say "I'm glad to be a mom!"

Hiram has been struggling at home and we, his parents, have been struggling with him too.
A few months ago, Hiram was diagnosed by one doctor with ADHD.
His elementary teacher said she could definitely see it in Hiram.
The doctor gave Hiram Amphatamine (sp?), also known as adderol.
The drug gave Hiram stomach aches, but it did mellow him out at first.
We, his parents, didn't like him on this drug that could potentially become addictive and cause other side effects.  So we took him off.
He still struggles, but we are finding other ways to cope and work through this.

Tonight I sat down with Hiram before bed and we talked about his worries.
He opened up and talked about what was hard at home . . . like how he didn't like sitting in time-out.
We talked about how to handle things when he feels mad or upset.
I think by the end of our conversation, Hiram felt valued and understood.
I feel closer to and more understanding of Hiram.

Then I went to tuck Noah in and we also had a good conversation.
He felt cared about and loved as I sat and talked with him.

When I would stay at my sister-in-law's house, Susan, and she would spend sooooo long tucking in her kids, I used to wonder why and how tiring it seemed.
She just let them talk and talk.
I didn't think I could do that because I'm usually so worn out.
But tonight I could see the value in that one-on-one time with each kid and how they really need it.

I have been praying to feel a closeness with my kids.
Lately I've felt farther and farther from them with trying to sell our house, pack it, and move.
But tonight was an eye opener for me.
I will take the time to really listen to my kids, to value them, and talk with them even when it seems inconvenient or I'm tired.
My kids will come first!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Own Special Cop

I love this handsome man so much!
I feel so lucky he is mine.
He loves our family so and we enjoy being with him.
This last week has felt like a vacation to be able to have him home in the evenings.
He is always so helpful and caring.
I love to snuggle with him and sleep next to him at night.
I know I've said this before but, "I can't help lovin' that man of mine!"

Noah raced his derby car with the cub scouts here.
He didn't place, but he had fun and was a good sport.

I am the unlucky one and have had a migraine today.  Ugh!
Tired of taking painkillers and having it be the only way to really get rid of them.
Hopefully I can sleep tonight.

Life is truly wonderful when you are married to a man like Daddy-O.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hard Day, Ending Well

What a hard day!  I woke up tired.  So that's how it all started.
A shower revived me a little and gave me a glimmer of hope.
Then, Grant woke up early and fussy.
The kids were a little late getting ready.
We were able to read scriptures and have prayer. Yay!  Success with one thing.
Then we ate breakfast and grumpy kids got out the door to school.

Chore time was next.
Looking around my house was discouraging.
I'm down to the last few boxes (like 50 more) and not sure what to do with all the stuff.
I've pretty much filled up the house and it's hard to give some of it away.
So, instead of unpacking, I reorganized the boxes so they're out of the way.
I guess we'll get to them later.
And then James started teasing Grant, not listening to me, and causing problems.
While carrying him to time-out, he hit me, pinched me, and screamed.
He ended up buckled into Grant's chair at the table.
He sat there a LONG time.
I had to cool and he had to cool down.

After sending Jaden to kindergarten, it was joyously naptime.
I had a nap too.  I wish James would've napped.

Well, after a nap, I felt better.
I tackled the garage where all the remaining boxes are and sorted through them.
I piled up the ones for inside and took others out to our shed.
The garage is half cleared out. Wohoo!!!

So Daddy came home, we ate, went to the park, had baths, struggled a little with Joyanne, and Walla!
I made it through a hard day!
I guess you need these every once in a while to remind you of the good ones.
Reading my book "As Young As We Feel" throughout the day helped bring me a little reprieve.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

My mom used to sing me this song when I was young:

"Make new friends, but keep the old.
One is silver and the other is gold."

Tonight I am missing many of my dear friends from Idaho.
I am glad I'm making new friends here, but I do miss the friendships from back home.

I miss talking on the phone with Aliena and having her check up on me.
I miss our kids being able to run around and play together.
I miss the visiting teaching times she visited and just all the times we talked or did things together.

I miss going to library with Marcia, and James and Daren being able to play together.
I miss hugs from Chloe and Daren.
I miss visiting teaching with Marcia.

I miss having Lori for a neighbor, who was always there to help me out.
I miss seeing Joyanne and Mckenzie play together or go to violin together.
I miss doing PTO events and activities with Lori.
I miss the great visiting teacher Becky was for me.
She was also a great friend who I could trust and rely on.

I miss Cindy.
I love how she magnified her callings and the example she set in raising her boys.
I hope I can raise my kids as well as she does.
I miss hearing her play the violin in church.

I miss Julie and Phyllis.
They had great words of wisdom and a spirit of hope and love about them.
I learned so much and what dear friends they were and are to me.
I loved book club with them and their insights.

What treasured honored friends are Phyllis, Connie, and Kathy.
Each have a place in my heart.
They showed loved, service, and a tender hand out to me.

I enjoyed Karen as a friend.
Her son was fun to teach in Sunday School.
I felt so happy to visit teach her.
She was a great Relief Society President.

I love so many more from Idaho that I didn't get pictures of.
Where we lived was truly a place of love, service, and understanding.
I miss the comfort of home and friends.

I must say, though, it is so nice to have Daddy home with us.
It is so nice to spend time together as a family.
I'm glad I get to spend eternity with this wonderful family.

Joyanne started her first day of school here.
She met a new friend, named Mackenzie.
She likes her and sat next to her in class and played with her at recess.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Down and Out

Poor Joyanne was down and out this morning.
Sick little girl had a migraine this morning that made her so dizzy and her tummy hurt.
She ended up throwing up, trying to relieve herself.

This afternoon she felt so much better and started eating and eating and eating.

We worked on unpacking a little more today.
I can't believe how much stuff we have.
It's getting harder to find a place for everything.
We're trying to get rid of all we can.

They received our records at church and introduced us today.
Daddy-O was there by himself with 4 of the boys while I was at home with Grant and sick Joyanne.
Then I went to Sunday School and Relief Society.
I met more people today and made more friends.
I think I'm gonna like it here.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Home Again, Home at Last!

So glad to have this talkative, happy daughter back at home.

Now we are all at home, in our home, TOGETHER.
It's so hard to be apart and my mind is now at ease with all of us here.

Swimming was fun tonight at our Recreation Center here.
They have an indoor splash park, big slides, diving boards, and dinosaur slide.
All our kids loved it.

And now after a dinner of Ravioli's the kids are comfortabley sitting and watching a movie.
Awww, I love having the family at home together.

I met a nice neighbor, Jennifer, today. 
She has a daughter, Madison, who has become Joyanne's friend.
I think I may have found a friend.
I'm thankful for good friends.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Hoca Poca!

Sam was so great with the boys when we got to Aunt Susan's home.
They were climbing all over him and he took it.
What a good man and fun cousin for the boys!

Joyanne was in a play tonight . . . HOCA POCA!!! 
 She did fabulous in her part.  
It was so fun to see her up on stage.  
Her friend Mckenzie did well too. 

It was hard to say goodbye one more time to friends and family. 
The one thing I treasured about Idaho was the people. 
The people cared about people. 
Everyone is so sincere and goes out of their way to help each other. 
People were always prized over things. 
When you walk into someone's home, they seem to drop everything and care that you're there. 
 I will miss Idaho.

Long drive today. 
I drove 8 hours; 4 this morning and 4 this evening, getting home at 11:45p.m. 
Exhausting drive and glad to lay down and rest.

Congratulations to my nephew, Michael, on his mission call to Arizona. 
You'll be a great missionary!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kids are . . . well, Kids

I tried to go shopping with my 3 littlest ones today.
Ha ha that was fun . . . not really.
They were good for the first part, but by the end they were running around the store, shouting and chasing eachother.
I ended up having them hold onto the cart for the last bit of shopping.
We made it home and after more squabbles, Jaden and James ended up in time-out while I put groceries away.
I enjoyed the peace and quiet while I unloaded groceries.
I do try to remember my kids are just kids, curious and definitely mischievous.
These boys are fun and wild!
Glad I have one daughter to keep me a little sane with all these boys. :)

I saw this quote on someone else's blog and loved it.
I need to remember that there really is no reason to yell except emergencies.
I try not to yell and rarely do, but it seems when I get started then I yell more frequently.
Ready to work at perfecting this!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Internet, Yay!!!

I finally got the internet hooked up in our new home.
I didn't realize how much I need the internet to function in life.
Checking e-mail, blogging, and facebook are all apart of my daily routine.
Each of those helps me stay sane and feel connected to the outside world.
I am with my wonderful children all day, helping them learn and grow.
Sometimes being able to connect with others through the computer helps me feel connected.
I have decided that maybe my love language is words of affirmation.
For me, I just want to feel valued and appreciated.
I want to be heard and understood.
I'm sure these are all just human needs.

Life is getting more normal now.
I still have lots of boxes to unload, but the necessities are out.
So anxious to see Joyanne.  2 more days!!!

So happy for my neice, Amy, who got her mission call to Lima, Peru.
Can't wait to find out where my nephew, Michael, is going.
I wish them both the best.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First Day of Work

Daddy-O went off for his first day of work. 
He was called out, unexpectedly, early this morning. 
Then off to a full day. 
He looked so handsome in his uniform. 
He always looks handsome though.
Here's the boys after school with books and enjoying time in our living room.
I'm at the library again using their computer. 
They have these fun letters for the kids to climb on and play in. 
Jaden's in the "R", Hiram's in the "e", Noah's in the "a", and James is in the "d".
Cute boys!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

A View of the New Home

This is for you, Joyanne, back in Idaho.  We miss you and love you!!!
Here is your room, Joyanne.  Boxes are waiting for you to come unpack them.  Love is on your bed waiting for a big squeeze!
Here's James, playing with the fridge magnets.  We have a smaller kitchen, but so far everything is fitting into it.

Here's Frost, in his cage.  Noah has been taking care of the rabbit for you.

Here's our backyard with the trampoline.
Here's the bird feeder I was telling you about.  We had a lot of birds eating from it this morning.  I love hearing all the birds around and I am so happy to have trees in our yard.

This is our front room, or living room.  I can't wait to hear you come play the piano and hear all your composed pieces again.
Here's our toyroom, still in boxes.  This is how most of our house looked on Saturday.  I hope it's mostly organized when you get home.

Here's the t.v. room and where we store most of the unopened boxes.  The boys watched "Dennis the Menace" on Saturday evening here.

Here's a good view of the front of our home.
Life has been busy unpacking boxes and finding a place for everything. 
The more I put away, the more I love our home. 
There are so many ammenities with living in a city. 
The library provides free activities nearly every day. 
 There's a big recreation center with an playground inside the swimming pool. 
The schools provide all the supplies and are very close.
Going to town only takes about 5 minutes.
So far I really like this new place, but I do miss the dear friends back home.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Home

Here's Daddy-O standing at the front door of our new place.
It kinda reminds of a home we had several years ago.
The first day I came here, I was completely overwhelmed and pretty discouraged with boxes piled up everywhere.  Thankfully Daddy sent me out the door to get some toilet paper since we didn't have any and some other things.
How nice it was to walk away from the mess and take a deep breath.
I was able to come back and get to cleaning my kitchen cupboards.
Yesterday I spent several hours scouring out the cupboards only to find lots of dead box elder bugs in the cabinets.  Gross!!!
Finally I was able to unpack and fill up my cupboards.
Yesterday afternoon and this morning I was able to really enjoy my home and the city.
There is a large library where I can blog until Tuesday when I get internet.
They have the funnest park, which my kids call Crazy Park, that has 3 very large playground areas with unique playground equipment.
Our house is really nice, smaller, but really nice.  I think I'm gonna like it here.
But I do miss our old home and neighbors.
Well, the library is not open tomorrow so no daily blog until Monday.
Have a marvelous day!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

We're on the Move!

We're on the move, literally.  Today's the day we drive out and take a long journey.  Should be an adventure we are looking forward to, or trying to look forward to anyway.  We hope and pray our new home can be even half as good as this marvelous place we've lived.
Happy Trails!