Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mommy Daughter Date

 My precious Joyanne and me!
Daughters are wonderful children and I have one such wonderful daughter.  I could not make it through this time with Daddy being gone away in training without my daughter, Joyanne.
Joyanne is an amazing helper.  She babysits whenever I need her.  When she babysits, she plans fun activities for her brothers.  She plays games with them, makes cards, and reads to them.  She is especially good with Grant.  She can change his diaper, feed him, and comfort him when he's crying.  Joyanne will be a marvelous mom when she grows up.  She already is a great 2nd mom to her brothers now.

Tonight Joyanne and I get to go have a "girls night out".  She has done so much for me lately helping out and babysitting that I decided to hire a babysitter and take her out.  I'm so happy I have one lovely daughter amongst the 5 other wild, fun boys.

The man of my dreams - that strong, masculine, hardworker of mine comes home tonight.  I can't wait to give him a big smooch and love him like no other woman could!  I am so proud of Daddy-O and all the excellent training and hard work he has done.  I love him dearly!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Day Off

A more normal day today.  I love the days where it's relaxing.  I needed a break today so I'm officially giving myself the day off.  A day to read, relax and enjoy a good book.  I'm reading "Isaac's Storm".

Grant kept shoving his breakfast (egg-in-a-poke) in his mouth until it was almost overflowing.  Silly baby!
I love all my kiddos and enjoy being their mom!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Passing the Test

We have been praying and praying that Daddy would pass his 3 tests in his training.  He has been working so hard and is very dedicated to his job.  He failed the tests the first 2 times and he was given one more chance.  If he didn't pass the 3rd time he would lose his job.  He has to get 80% or higher to pass.  After MUCH prayer and fasting from many people, today he passed the tests!  Wohoo!!!

I think going through this time was a test for all of us, me especially.  My faith was strengthened throughout this time.  This morning I read in the Bible in Isaiah 55:8-9 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.  For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts."

I had to remember that scripture all morning as I patiently waited to hear from Daddy about his tests.  The Lord is truly over all and will lead us down the right path.  With faith, we can choose to follow.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Appreciate being Healthy

I appreciate the days when I am healthy and well AND when my kids are healthy and well.  James is on the couch fevering and coughing.  I also have a throat that feels like it's on fire.  Salt water just isn't cutting it.

"To the doctor we will go, the doctor we will go, hi-ho the dairy-o, to the doctor we will go!"

I figure I can give in to the frustrating moments that seem to be creeping all around or I can "Smile through every Trial" and remember that "This too shall pass!"  Also I know that "I can do hard things."  With prayer and knowing Heavenly Father is there for me is all helping me make it and stay cheery.  I admire Job from the Bible and how patient he was in his afflictions.  I know the Savior also bore so much pain in patience.  So I will keep going and endure to the end!

Jaden has continued love reading "The Magic Treehouse" Books and this month has read 690 minutes so far.  What a reader!

With James and I not feeling well, Grant is improving.  He rarely coughs and his nose isn't a constant faucet anymore.  He has been doing pretty well trying to entertain himself.  He is constantly sticking his tongue out and drooling like a mad man because he is teething.  His bottom row finally has some bumps so teeth must be coming in soon.

Our thoughts are with Daddy and hoping he does well and passes his 3 tests tomorrow!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Church at Home

Last night before I went to bed I heard some terrible coughing and thought Grant was still struggling with his RSV.  After hearing several more coughing fits, I soon discovered that James was the one having the fits.  His cough sounded croupy and he was having trouble breathing.  After giving him Motrin and a breathing treatment, he was able to sleep through the rest of the night without any trouble.  Another breathing treatment this morning seemed to help him even further.

Staying up from 3:00a.m. to 5:30a.m. with Grant was quite an adventure.  Usually I'm so onery when having to get up in the night, but I took a nap yesterday for some reason and it helped.  A nap today will be a necessity.

With another child getting sick, we all decided to stay home from church today to avoid spreading any sickness.  Pajama days are fun for the kids.

Joyanne and Noah did great putting together a little church for us to enjoy.

 I took out Joyanne's bunny, Frost, to enjoy the nice sunny day outside, but Frost must not have wanted to go and scratched my poor hand.

 Joyanne had a tea party with her stuffed animals.  Goldfish crachers and Fruit Loops were the yummy snacks they shared.

Everyone had fun building and playing in their forts.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snowy Day

It's a snowy, windy day.  A great day to stay inside and take pictures.
I decided to wear sweats today.  I never wear sweats.

The kids are all playing well together and having fun.  Jaden and HJ are reading A LOT today.  Perfect day to curl up with a good book and just read.

You can see little, drooling Grant.  He ate 3 pancakes this morning!

I guess I get time to learn to like myself.  I know that sounds funny, but on the weekends I miss my Prince Charming and getting to spend time with him.  Instead I get to be by myself and learn to enjoy spending time by myself.  I've decided I'm a people person and enjoy the social interaction especially with my spouse.  Books have become a good friend in the evening, if I have time after all the chores are done.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Sick Days - How Joyous!

Poor little Grant!  He woke up about 4 times last night.  He has had a runny nose for days now and coughing quite a bit too.  He hasn't wanted to eat and doesn't sleep well. 

We went to the doctor's office and found he had an ear infection (no surprise there).  They decided to test him for RSV and he tested positive.  Now he's on an antibiotic to help with the ear infection and RSV and also a steroid to open up his airways.  He also gets the lovely breathing treatments every 4 to 6 hours.  I get to watch and make sure he is breathing all right.  The doctor says they can go from happy and all right to not breathing well very fast.  What an adventure! ;)

Looking for the positive in this means I, too, get to take it easy and enjoy babying the baby even more.  Happy Days!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Work versus Play

There is a time for everything.  Last night I wanted to play after the kids went to bed.  In fact, the last 2 nights I have wanted to play, just relax and read.  Yet I decided to do dishes and clean up a bit.  I went to bed satisfied of having accomplished something good. 

Sometimes I think, I deserve LOTS of relaxing time to just get on the computer or read a book or watch a movie because I am taking care of 6 kids all by myself.  But then the next day I pay for it with having to make up for all the work I didn't do. 

Work is so good for everyone.  "Then work and watch and fight and pray with all your might and zeal.  Push every worthy work along; Put your shoulder to the wheel.  Put your shoulder to the wheel; push along.  Do your duty with a heart full of song.  We all have work.  Let no one shirk.  Put your shoulder to the wheel." (Hymn 252)
I'm so glad I didn't shirk my work last night and got the dishes done and the house picked up because today at 9:45am our realtor, Jed Lowder, called to tell me an Idaho Falls realtor was bringing someone to look at the house between 11-11:30am.  I couldn't have gotten the house ready as quickly as I did unless I had gotten the house clean the night before.

The Blue and Gold Banquet was tonight for Noah and the other cubscouts.  I was in charge of helping the boys to perform a skit that they could pass off one of their electives.  Fun night.  Noah looked great!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Birthday, JAMES!



 James' 4th birthday was full of presents and love. 

  The Birthday Bird left him a Mickey Mouse puzzle and book.  He also got a water bottle with his name on it.  He likes the big sucker, the Mickey Mouse bag, and sing-along- book.  Mickey was the theme this year for his birthday.

James and the other kids enjoyed making Fruit Loop necklaces and frosting cupcakes.  They were all surprised to get Just Dance Kids.  We all had fun jamming out to that on the Wii.  James picked his birthday dinner of Hot Dogs.  As James said, "It was an awesome birthday day!"

I remember being pregnant with James.  The pregnancy was lonely, but I was so happy when James was born.  He has been a delight and joy in my life.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Planning and Enjoying

James is having fun taking pictures with his camera so we both took a picture of each other.  Poor Noah is home with a touch of diarrhea. :(  He's being a good sport about staying down and relaxing even though he feels pretty good. 

We're off to do some birthday shopping for James today.  Tomorrow he's gonna be the BIG 4!  So excited.  Lots of planning to do. 

Science Fair tonight.

Happy moments all around.  Even finding happiness while Noah may be sick.  I get some quality time to spend with him this afternoon.  Life is good!  Putting all my troubles in the Lord's hands and trying to focus on the positive.

Happy day to ya'll!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Home Again With Hope

We came home tonight and already miss this wonderful Daddy of ours.  He is one Superman to all of us! He had a disappointing day today practicing at the firing range, but we are praying and have hope for him.  His final test, which will determine his job, is next week.  You can do it, Daddy-O!

We all had fun visiting cousins this weekend and spending time with Aunts and Uncles.

Sometimes hope can leave us in our most discouraging moments.  Joyanne was crying as I came down to tuck her in.  She tearfully told me how she misses Daddy and her cousin, Ambree, so much and just wants to be with them.  She has other troubles, like a stuffy nose and a hurt toe too.  We hugged and talked about how praying and trusting in Heavenly Father will bring us happiness.

So while hope may seem to leave us . . . it's always there.  "When dark clouds of trouble hang o're us and threaten our peace to destroy, there is hope smiling brightly before us, and we know that deliverance is nigh." (Hymn 19)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Family Festive Fun


We made it through 2 science projects yesterday.  What fun to see Joyanne work so independently on finding out if cool or hot water freezes faster.  What do you think?  Her Aunt Susan was so helpful to provide a nice, big yellow fold out poster for her to create her project on.  Noah was interested to see if microwave popcorn pops faster or kernels in a popcorn popper.  What's your guess?

Daddy's nephew, Steven Isaacson, married a beautiful, long haired brunette, Kaisha yesterday in the Timpanogos Temple.  A sunny, warm winter day was perfect for such an occasion.  We enjoyed a yummy luncheon of  Lasagna, salad, breadsticks, and vegetables with scrumptious raspberry cheesecake for dessert.  We so loved seeing lots of family, especially Grandma and Grandpa Bills.  Joyanne and her cousin, Rachel, look so much alike.

Eternal marriage brings so many blessings.  Being married has it's challenges, but those challenges can tear a marriage apart or draw it closer together.

Spending time with my sweetheart this weekend has taught me a few things.  He is changing with his job training, but I think it's for the better.  

I hope your Sabbath day is as restful as mine has been. :)