Monday, May 22, 2017

Horses, Reports, and Cute Kitty

I've been taking horse lessons and today I was able to have a quick ride.
Grant also was able to ride a bit and loved it!

Jaden did a fabulous job on his Utah County project.
He presents his project with a clear, loud voice and is animated as he tells about his counties.
Jaden's teacher, Mr. Wells couldn't say enough good about Jaden.
He said Jaden remembers things so well, even the smallest detail about things.
Mr. Wells also said Jaden is a wiz at math.
He's excited to see where Jaden goes with all his smartness.

As I came out of the Elementary school, this cute kitty rubbed up against my leg, seeking for attention.
I picked him up and petted him.
I took him into the school office to see what to do about the kitty, but they just told me to leave it where I found it.
I set him back down, but the kitty followed me into the road to the truck.
I knew if I left the kitty, he would probably get run over, so I took him home.
I posted on Facebook hoping someone would claim him.
He is so cute and adorable.
He loves to be held and petted.
I kinda wanna keep him.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Secret Sneaky Spies

These secret spies were spotted sneaking all around the house.
They were observing everything and running around together having fun.
They play together all the time, jumping on the trampoline, playing board games, playing cars, doing just about everything together.
Such brotherly love!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Utah is Great!

Utah is great!
That is what Jaden sang about and talked about in his school program.

Daddy, Grant and I enjoyed seeing how good Jaden sang and hearing his memorized speaking part.

Yay! We sold our clunky, old van today.
It had a horrible grinding sound, a cracked windshield, a dent in back, no visor on the right side, and the windows don't work very well.
So goodbye little van!
Thanks for your years of service.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

What a great Dad our family is blessed with.
We enjoyed the day doing a variety of activities.
Daddy found all his presents, and he was happy with what he received.
We went to Logan to try and see Chuck Norris, but the line was too long.
We did see him from a distance, but we didn't shake his hand or get a picture with him.

We played tennis as a family.
Salami sandwiches was Dad's choice for dinner, and it was yummmmy!

And, this cake was my masterpiece for the day.
I made a strawberry cake, cut it in half, filled it with whipped strawberry frosting and real strawberries.
Then I frosted the top and sides.
It sure tasted good.

The chocolate frosted strawberry cupcakes were delicious too.

Daddy is such a service oriented person.
He did the dishes, made dinner, and spent so much time with all of us.
We are so blessed to have this great man in our life who does so much for us!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Concerts and School Presentations

Joyanne performed in her final concert with the Northern Utah Youth Symphony.
She played extremely well and with such emotion and feeling.
They played some lively songs from "Phantom of the Opera" and "How to Train Your Dragon".
But the favorite was "Nocturne in Blue"!
The audience just loved hearing how well they all played.

Jaden did a presentation on geothermal energy that was quite impressive.
He spoke loudly and clearly and his topic was interesting to listen to.
Jaden has been in the LEAP program, which is for gifted and talented students.
He has worked on many projects and learned a lot this year.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Soccer Season

All 5 boys played soccer this season.
Grant loved the treats, but by the end, he was playing all right.
James was a go-getter, and he would follow the ball with a determined look on his face.
His team was great at passing the ball to each other and getting it down the field.
Jaden played hard on his team.
He was a good goalie, played a forward with attacking fury, but I think he like mid-fielder best.
Noah and Hiram were on the same team.
They took first place in the championship.
Noah was amazing to watch as he weaved in and around the soccer players.
He knew how to pass the ball well, and he made quite a few goals himself.
Hiram also played really well.
No player scared Hiram off.
He would go after the ball, no matter who had it, and when he got to the ball, he would kick it clear across the field.

Soccer season was very busy, but lots of fun!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Taco Time had tacos at $0.79, so we celebrated by going there and enjoying a taco meal.

While there I gave the kids a quarter for the gumball machine.
The kids ended up getting 4 blue gumballs, which won us 4 free churros.
The food was yummy!