Sunday, June 30, 2013

Farewell to Michael

We visited with family this weekend.
Dinner and talking with my sister and her family last night was enjoyable.
I loved hearing my nephew, Michael, speak in church today on faith.
He will be a great missionary to the Arizona people.
I loved visiting with so many of my siblings today.
I learn so much from them.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy Helpers

Hiram and Joyanne were my happy helpers this morning.
Joyanne emptied the dishwasher and then rinsed and loaded the dishwasher.
And she did it all with a happy attitude.

Hiram was AMAZING!
He kept asking me what he could do to help.
He picked up the piano room, wiped off the bathroom counter, and swept the kitchen floor.
And he did it all with a happy attitude.

I love it when my kids happily help out.

We're off to spend time with family today.
I love building relationships with my family.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Long Working Daddy

A good nights sleep did me well.
The heat was still hot and unbearable, but we managed.

Daddy, on the other hand, got very little sleep.
He went to work yesterday about 3p.m.
He came in the door and was in bed about 1a.m.

Then he got called out at 1:47a.m. to go to an accident.
So up he got and sped out the door.
It took him an hour and 15 minutes to get to the scene of the accident.
A rollover from a drunk driver who was not seat belted and had to be life flighted out.
There was a dad, his son, and a pregnant girlfriend involved.
Suffice it to say that it all took a long time to get squared away.

Daddy came in the door at 11a.m. to go to bed.
Here's the tired and amazing Daddy-O when he walked in the door.

So I took the kids to McDonald's to leave a quiet house for Daddy and to be in an air conditioned building.
The kids had fun and I met a new friend.

The rest of the day was spent chillin', or actually sweating it out, at home.

I sure hope I don't end up living in hell because I'm struggling just dealing with this heat now. ;)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hard, Hot Day and Night

I'm tired from staying up late.
I'm a girl that definitely needs my sleep.
I'm also really hot and I don't like the heat.
So . . . I fell apart tonight.

I took the kids to Walmart, of all places, just so we could be in an air conditioned building.
We walked around, bought a few treats and then we saw the best thing that would save us from the heat.
We bought a snow cone maker!
I came home and immediately set to work on washing it, putting it together, and cranking ice in there.
I made 4 snow cones . . . that's it, before it stopped working.
I was hoping to have a nice snow cone all ready for Daddy when he walked in the door for dinner.
Instead he came home to a sobbing, hot, frustrated wife.

The kids were sad to see me sad.
They asked me to be happy.
I tried, but I did get a little snappy at them at bedtime.

Now I think I'll just go lay on my bed for a good night's rest and hope tomorrow will be a better day.
And I hope I can manage the heat better. :(

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Carpets Cleaned

We all worked hard this morning, picking up and getting everything off of the carpeted floor as possible.
Only beds, dressers, couches, bookshelves, and our piano were left.
Then we vacuumed and cleaned our carpets.
Rug Doctors are great and do wonders.
Our carpets look so nice and clean.

Well, I thought after only a couple of hours in this hot summer weather that the carpets would be dry.
I was wrong.
9 hours later and we are still waiting for the downstairs carpets to dry.

So the kids played outside ALL day.
They have never wanted to be inside so bad.
So to break up the monotony of it all, we watched a movie outside.
And we had creamies after a cool dinner of salad, watermelon, and rolls.
It was too hot to cook anything.

Now because their beds are full of toy boxes and other things, the kids are sleeping outside on the trampoline where it's nice and cool.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Time Well Spent

Daddy-O put up a punching bag a few days ago.
After watching Daddy give some good punches on it, Grant took a turn.
It's a great way to take out anger and aggression. ;)

With Grant being able to climb out of his playpen, we just put a mattress on the floor.
He plays for most of his nap and then eventually crashes.
This is how we found him sleeping for nap. 

I love my kids and am grateful for the summer time to spend doing fun activities.
We're not one for much t.v., but we love our netflix and watching shows and movies off there.
One show we've recently gotten into is "Once Upon a Time".

Yesterday was such a memorable day with my family.
All the outdoor family activities were fun.
Bonding and spending time together as a family is so important.
I long to have a happy family who will live righteously and be together forever.
Last night was memorable too as my Prince Charming and I talked of spiritual matters among other things.
Our love for each other continues to grow and grow.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Outdoor Family Fun

We planned and had an outdoor family fun day to pass off  a few of Noah's Bear scout activities.
First we hiked Red Fleet to view the dinosaur footprints.
Right beside Jaden here you can lightly see a dinosaur's foot print.
Pretty Cool!
Neat to think that today we walked where dinosaurs once did.

After our 3 mile hike we went to Steinaker Lake to play in the sand and water.
We also had a picnic. 

Joyanne is so beautiful and quite the maturing young lady.

We played family games outside this afternoon.
We played croquet and badmitton.

Then we enjoyed roasted hot dogs and marshmallows with the Halls, our down the street neighbors.
They were so hospitable and made us feel very welcome.
We also had a family home evening with them.
Jaden prepared a lesson and read a story from the friend.
I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and learning how to become more like Him.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Speaking in Church

Joyanne was the youth speaker in our ward today.
Daddy and I also spoke.
Joyanne spoke on Family Prayer.
I spoke on individual and family scripture study.
Daddy spoke on Family Home Evening.

It was a good day.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Taking it Easy!

We took it easy today.
Noah is still recovering from Strep Throat, but the medicine is working and he's feeling a bit better.
I felt pretty good today, except I was really dizzy and my head felt fuzzy.

We had a family outdoor day planned for today, but instead we stayed in to get better.

We watched "The Great and Powerful Oz".

We went to the park and those who felt well played and those who didn't sat and relaxed.


Joyanne and Daddy went out tonight to have some Daddy/Daughter time.
They had fun being together going to a trading post, the store for treats, and to get a slurpee.

Tomorrow is going to be full of nerves and exciting.
Hopefully we're prepared!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Doctor Day

Grant was fussy this morning.
He wanted to be held constantly and seemed like he wasn't feeling well.
He didn't have a fever and he ate breakfast well.
But he just wanted to be held nonstop and cried a lot.
So . . .  to the doctor we went.
He was prescribed an antiobiotic for an ear infection.

When we came home, Joyanne, Noah, Hiram, Jaden and James put on a Star Wars themed skit.
Hiram played Darth Vader with Noah as a Jedi.
Jaden and James were ewoks and Joyanne was princess Layah.

Then Noah began to feel crummy again.
His fever spiked to 101 and he complained of a painful sore throat.
He wouldn't even eat lunch.
So I took him to the doctor this afternoon.
AND he was given an antiobiotic for Strep Throat.
Oh what Joy!!!

Tonight my throat is on fire.

Jade finished a book he really enjoyed.
Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Steinaker Lake and S'mores

After a session at the temple we headed off for Steinaker Lake.
The kids had fun playing in the water.
We thought we'd miss Rigby Lake from back home and we do.
But we have a little lake here that's fun too.

Poor Noah wasn't feeling well at all and laid down under the picnic table to rest.

Tonight we used Daddy's Father's Day presents and sat on the cozy campchairs and roasted marshmallows by the portable firepit.
The s'mores were delicious!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Delightful Handfuls

As my kids played the Ipad today they had fun watching each other.
They were laughing and having lots of fun when Joyanne played.

I shot a gun for the first time.
I didn't want to at first, but I guess I'm glad I did.
Daddy was able to drive me in his car to the shooting range.
It was fun to see how respectful people drive around a cop car.
Those cars can read speed from like 100 feet away.

Poor James ran into a bench today and banged up his head pretty good.
Lavender and ice took the swelling and pain down.
He's doing pretty good tonight.

I love my children and am so grateful for each of them.
They all have so much to offer.
Joyanne was so willing to jump right in and help today.
When Daddy and the kids came home from swimming, Joyanne was the one who took the swimming suits to hang up to dry.
Noah also is a good helper.
All the kids are great helpers!!!
I could name several instances where they help out.
I love it when they help out with Grant because, honestly, that little guy can be a handful at times.
He's a delightful handful.
Grant just recently learned how to climb out of the playpen AND open his door.
Naptime and bedtime are a challenge, but hopefully, eventually, he'll learn to stay in bed. ;)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dentist and Star Wars

To the Dentist we did go to get sealants put in to protect the kids teeth from cavitities.
Noah did great and only had to have one sealant put in.
Hiram had to have 4 sealants put in and he sure didn't like it at first.
He did all right after the first two.

Poor Grant was fevering most of the day and covering the front of his shirt in drool.
Hopefully some teeth are coming in.

We have been watching "Star Wars" with our kids.
This afternoon we watched "Star Wars VI" and tonight was "Star Wars I".
Jaden loved all the little teddy bears (ewoks) in VI and everytime they came on he would run into the room to watch.

Monday, June 17, 2013

A More Normal Day

We were able to relax a little more today.
Daddy and I exercised at the rec center.
The kids got their chores done, mostly.
I finished the book, "Freckles" for book club tomorrow.

We are lucky and get to have Daddy come home for dinner in the middle of his shift.
He and Noah had fun drawing a diagram and writing a report for an accident.

Joyanne slowly played through "I Stand All Amazed" and "Choose the Right" out of the hymnbook.

Grant had fun playing around with Daddy's tape measure.
He was a trouble maker today.
He tipped over Daddy's cup on the table and other mischievous things.

Joyanne and I will be watching "Corinna, Corinna" tonight.
Just the two of us!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day!


We were spoiled with having Daddy home with us ALL day!
He is such a great dad to be around.
He has good talks with the kids and guides them right.
He hunted down his presents this morning with clues to guide him.
We are all excited about the new camp chairs, the s'mores supplies and . . . . our portable firepit.
Now we can have our own firepit wherever we go!

I love my own Dad very much.
He has lots of good advice and guides me right.
He is very talented with organization and he is definitely a hard worker.

My father-in-law is also amazing.
He was a wonderful role model for his kids.
He has a kind, tender heart.
We love his passion for fishing and hope we can go with him soon.

Fathers are so special.
I'm so grateful for a Father in Heaven.
He is always there for me and so loving!
I feel so blessed to be a daughter of God.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Blessed with Daddy

We feel so lucky to see Daddy every day now.
He has been working some long days lately, but just getting to see him once a day is wonderful.
We remember when we only got to see him on the weekends, every other weekend.
Now we feel blessed to see him so much.
Doesn't Daddy look cute in his glasses? ;)

Daddy had fun this morning wrestingling with the kids and play around with them.
Laughing and tickling were definitely involved. 

Jaden sure enjoyed breakfast and was the last one to leave the table because he just wanted to keep eating it.
Daddy sure makes yummy cinnamon streusal cake (a.k.a coffee cake). 

Now I better hurry to bed before Daddy comes in from a long, late night at work and wonders what I'm still doing up.
I had fun getting his Father Day gifts wrapped and hidden ready for a treasure hunt tomorrow.
Oh, I'm so excited for Father's Day (and so are the kids)!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Goodbye, Ambree

I drove my niece, Ambree, home today.
She was a great friend and cousin for Joyanne.
Joyanne already misses her so much.
Visiting and spending time with my brother was awesome.

We drove 3 hours to drop her off and then 3 hours home tonight.
It's so nice to sleep in your own bed and be with those you love.

The boys at home had fun cleaning out the garage (which looks great!) and bouncing on the bounce house and playing in the water.

I'm thankful for a forgiving husband who treasures and values me as a person.
I love him so much!!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Melt Down

The tears started when I looked at my awful hair.
I had a melt down this morning.
All the things in life just got to me and I had to have a good cry over it all.
The sad thing is, I let my prince charming have it all.
I took it out on him and blew up a few times.

The kids have been home for 3 weeks, 24 hours, 7 days a week.
I love my kids.
I love spending my time with them.
But I truly need a break.
Especially when my kids are giving me the run-around.
And one in particular has just about pushed me to my limits.

Moving is fun and all, but there's so much to do with a move.
I still have boxes to go through, sort, and put away.
I have a garage that needs cleaned out and a shed too.
My room is a mess.
I have spent so much time helping the kids with their chores, that my own room is suffering.

I miss my caring friends from back home.
I don't know why, but it's harder for me to make friends in my new place.

Okay, so there's my rant!
I know, it's a pitiful one, but I feel better just laying it all out on the table.
Now that I got it all out, I can just let go of it all and move forward.
I am grateful for prayer.
I know Heavenly Father hears and answers our every plea.

My amazing and so loving Prince Charming is giving me the day off to do what I want.
I decided I would tackle the things I never get to do and have wanted to.
I started by reading a chapter of my book I'm reading.
I cleaned out so much in my room.
I organized the boys clothes.
I had a peaceful, windy walk that helped me realize where I'm wrong and how I can improve.

Thank you to my Prince Charming.
It was nice to not have to worry about my responsibilities and have a day off!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Flaming Gorge Dam and Jarvie's Ranch

Flaming Gorge was gorgeous and flaming red today.
We visited the Dam and went on the Dam tour (hehehe).
We learned a lot about how electricity is produced through the Dam and how the Dam almost overflowed in 1983.

Our Dam Tour guide (hehehe) told us a funny Dam joke.
What did the fish say when he hit the wall? (Dam)

We also visited a historic site called Jarvie's Ranch.
John Jarvie lived there in the early 1900's.
He was murdered by some theives in 1909.
There was his cabin he lived in and his store. 
He also had a black smith's shop and a livery.
Supposedly he housed Billy the Kid at one time.
There were even very old graves of a few others who had lived on or by the ranch many years ago.

On our way home, we took a scenic route.
Hiram and I were petrified as we drove across the swinging bridge.
It's a bridge that's suspended by pulleys.
Nothing is holding it up underneath, just wires spanning the whole length of the bridge hold it up.

I screamed for Daddy to stop the car before he started to cross.
I was sure our car wasn't supposed to go on the bridge and that we would fall if we did go across.
We ended up going across it 3 times!!!
After the first time, I was certain we were going the wrong way.
The second time, after looking at the map, we knew that was the right way so . . .
We went across a third time. 
Ahhhh, I was so scared and thought we would go crashing down into the river below us.

We've missed Daddy since he's been working so hard for 5 days in a row.
We are glad to have him home for a few days.
We always get to do fun things when Daddy's home.