Thursday, July 31, 2014

Daddy's Home

Daddy's been gone for training for 3 days.
We sure missed him.
Today he came home.
"I'm so glad when daddy comes home,
Glad as I can be;
Clap my hands and shout for joy,
Then climb upon his knee,
Put my arms around his neck,
Hug him tight like this,
Pat his cheeks, then give him what?
A great big kiss."
(LDS Children's Songbook)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Good Friends

"Well, it's hard to say good bye and let go
And it's hard to see it end
When the mem'ries we've just made
May never happen again.
But it's harder for time to ever erase
The together times we've shared.
So, when we're apart remember
All the love we shared together

And for all that love,
Thank the Lord above
Who showed us the way
That we can be together, forever someday."
(Michael McClean)
So I dedicate this song to my amazing good friend, Kim Patton.
She has been my closest, awesomest friend here in Vernal.
We let our kids play at the park together and then she came over tonight for dinner.

Kim has been there for me and encouraged me onward.
She has been fun to talk too and I have learned so much from her.
I am truly going to miss her.
We will be friends forever!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Black Lagoon

I jumped out of bed this morning feeling better than I have in a while.
My throat feels better.
The medicine is working!
I cleaned out our entire shed of boxes and garbage, and then I swept it all out.
I sorted through our garage, restacked boxes and packed more.
The back corner of the yard got raked and cleaned up.
James and Grant helped me take down the trampoline.
Lunch was served and naps taken.
I brought up 8 boxes of books from downstairs.
I needed a break after all that, so off to library we went.
We came home with almost 20 different "Black Lagoon" books.
The kids sat right down on the couch to read them all.
Dinner was served and a movie was in order.
Now, this Mamma is ready for some deep sleep.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hair Cuts and Goodbye Mira!!!

Daddy gave the boys haircuts today.
Do you like Noah's buzz down the middle?

Hiram looks elegant, eh?!
Grant didn't even mind getting his haircut.
Jaden didn't care too much for getting his cut.

Mr. James is looking good!
Here's my macho boys with their summer buzzes.
I really do feed my kids despite their bony ribs poking out.

And we had to say goodbye to Mira today.
See her happy face!
Thanks to my sister, Becca, who is taking her.
I know she will be in good hands.
We're gonna miss this sweet, crazy little girl!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cookies and Games

Joyanne made "No-Bake Cookies" all by herself.
She is loving being able to cook when she wants to.
Another down day for me with my sore throat feeling a little better.
The white spots in the back are almost gone.
The rest of the family enjoyed church.
This morning we all had fun playing "Clue".
Our family has played a lot of games in this hot weather lately.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

County Fair

It was a sick day for me.
A yucky sore throat that had me drinking "Throat Coat" herbal tea, gargling salt water 5 times today and sticking drops of Melaleuca oil in the back of my throat.
It worked for Noah a few weeks ago.
I'm hoping it will work for me.
Daddy was awesome and took the kids to the County Fair.
They all had so much fun.
Each of the kids got to spray water from the firefighter's hose.

Pretty powerful water!
Grant loved it best and wanted to do it over and over and over again.

They went to the "Red Barn" where they dug for treasures.

They always love getting their picture taken.

It's fun to pose and be silly.
See Farmer Noah!

They rode their own "tractors" around collecting hay.
And, of course, they got to see animals at the "Red Barn".
Our librarian, Melinda Barlow, was there with Ipads that controlled these balls and moved them around the white slots.
And who could pass up the shark bounce house slide.

They continued playing on the dunk tank outside, played electronics (even playing with me who was just laying around with not much else to do), and watched movies.
All in all, it was a fun, successful day for the kids.
I laid around reading, resting, watching movies, playing "Guitar Hero" and "MarioKart".
It was nice to rest and play around, but at a price of a REALLY sore throat.
Now here's to hoping and praying that my throat will get better soon!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Face Paint

James and Grant had fun at the Rec Center.
They had their faces painted and enjoyed some outside water activities.

Jaden was a little sick so we had a down day and spent a little more time in front of the t.v.
Daddy and I sorted through our room and packed most of everything.
Glad to be getting stuff done.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Pioneer Day!

The 24th of July for us was similar to the 4th of July.
Except that Daddy and I made a scrumptious breakfast of blueberry pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns and orange juice.
We went to the parade, which was much better this time around than the 4th.

The afternoon was hot and relaxing as the kids played their electronics and I prepared some dinner.
We had our neighbors, the Davis', join us along with my friend, Michelle.
We had fun on the dunk tank and the bounce house.
The barbecue was yummy!
We ended the night watching Mulan II all together.
Did I mention that we looked at the stars and the cloudy sky coming on with a touch of lightning?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Home at Last

Well, it's final!
The home in Tremonton is ours to rent.
It's nice after weeks of looking to have a home at last.
Now the daunting task of packing and cleaning.
With my kids home this summer, packing and cleaning are challenging.
I get in the middle of one room and then a child needs me.
I work on something else and another child needs me.
And the heat is another thing that sabatoges my efforts.
It's all good though.
Somehow we'll make it and get it all done.
We move the 15th of August.
This is how I feel tonight.
I can't wait to curl up in my soft, cool sheets and let sleep carry me away to dreamland.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Noah was a big helper and organized the bookshelf.

While Jaden kicked back and enjoyed reading "The Friend".

We found a beautiful amazing home to rent in Tremonton, but we can't take our pets with us.
So goodbye to Mira.
Someone is coming tomorrow to look at and buy her.
Goodbye Frost.
You have been a good rabbit.
Someone is coming this week to look at and possibly buy Frost for their little girl's birthday on Saturday.

But Possum . . .  we just can't do without.
He is as old as Noah - 10 years old.
He has been with us for that long too.
We love our loyal companion and we just can't part with him either. 
 Here is our lovely home we will be moving into.
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