Monday, December 4, 2017

Daddy the Man!

Daddy won a couple of awards at his work dinner party tonight.
He has now worked with this group for 5 years, and what an amazing 5 years it has been.
He is enjoying his job, and especially likes the people he works with.
He works hard and loves to serve and protect!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Super James!

James did a report on the Plains Indians and was so proud of his projects.
The parents were able to come and view the projects while the kids told about them.
James wrote a very entertaining story about what it would be like to be an Indain living in the plains.
Great project, James!

James also earned his Wolf badge in cub scouts this week.
He's worked hard and learned lots.
Way to go, James!

Holiday Extravaganza

Yesterday our city had quite the fun celebration.
They had a ping pong ball drop, and if you got a ping pong ball with a number on it, you got a prize.
There were little games with prizes and tables with crafts and coloring on them.
There was hot chocolate and a place to roast marshmallows and make s'mores.

The High School band played Christmas Songs for an hour, and Noah played his trumpet with them.

There were candy canes scattered all over the grass, and the kids were able to run and collect all they wanted.
Each kid got at least 5 candy canes or more.
If you found a blue candy cane, you got a prize.
Jaden won a prize and picked some elf shoes.

They had a carriage ride with horses that went around town.

And, Santa 🎅 Claus came to town!
James and Grant sat on his lap asking for Pokemon cards and a fidget cube.
Santa gave them a bag with an orange, some peanuts, taffy, and mints.
Fun times!

Violin and Snow

Have you ever eaten a persimmons?
When I was subbing at the elementary a few weeks ago, the school did a weird fruit day and let the kids try some of these.
I was also able to try one, and they kind of tasted like an apple. 
They were yummy!

Joyanne convinced me to sing in the Messiah, while she plays the violin.
We have been practicing for 3 Sundays now.
I really enjoy seeing and hearing Joyanne play.
I have 2 solid in the Messiah.
We perform next week.

We had our first snowfall that actually stuck, so of course Jaden and Noah made a snowman.
He looks pretty good!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Hiram's Band Concert

Hiram had his band concert tonight.
He played the saxophone so well.

I'm grateful my kids are trying to develop their talents. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Grandpa Max (Jan 2017)

Review of the past - January 2017

My grandpa died peacefully in his old age.
I sure love him and am grateful for the legacy he left behind.

Enjoy Heaven, Grandpa!
I hope to join  you there someday.

Icecream Sundays (Jan 2017)

Looking Back - January 2017

Yummy Icecream Sundays

Symphany Recital (Jan 2017)

Looking Back - Jan 2017

Joyanne played "Wedding Day at Trodhalgen" for her Symphany Recital.
She played it so beautifully.
Still a favorite today.

Snow Fun! (January 2017)

Looking back -  Beginning of January 2017

Look at the huge snow piles!

King of the mountain!!!

The kids thought it would be make a good snow hill and slid down so far.
Cute Cozette

Queen of the Mountain

Sick Little Grant

So much snow, so fun to play in!

When we smelled propane in our house we had the firemen come and check it out.
Thankfully, we only had to be out of our house for a few hours before we were cleared to go in.

Daddy talking to the firemen.

Long hair, ready to be chopped.

New hairdo!  What do ya think?

The kids decided to build a snow fort right under the trampoline.

Even the dogs would go in and out of the fort.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Reviewing the Past

I have gotten WAY behind on blogging this year, so I will be putting in LOTS of pictures and memories of 2016.

In the winter, we went to play basketball in the church.
Grant wanted to take a picture and got me (in yellow) right after I made a shot.
Daddy and Hiram are also in the picture.

Dan Richard, a neighbor where the kids like to play, took these pictures of James and Grant while they were playing with their kids, Eli and Jacob.

Grant's funny expression.

Jacob, Grant, and James playing the Wii.



Friday, October 27, 2017

Trick or Treat on Main Street

We love that this town does trick or treating on Main street the Friday before Halloween.
The kids got quite a haul of treats.
Hiram, Jaden, James and Grant went this year.
It took us an hour to walk up and down the street and collect our goods.
Fun times!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Soccer Tournament

Jaden has been playing competitive soccer this year. He made the team in May.
They practiced all through the summer and for the last 6 weeks they've been in games with other teams from Cache County.
Jaden has been head goalie and does fairly well.
He blocks nearly all the goals, but sometimes a few slip in.
Jaden kicks all right, but to motivate him to kick farther, he gets $1 every time he kicks the ball past the centerline from the goal box.
Jaden has improved a lot this year in soccer.
This game was fairly easy for Jaden's team.
They won 6-2!

At the beginning of the game Noah, Hiram, James and Grant found this tall cement wall by the soccer field.
They thought it would be fun to climb.
Joyanne went over and helped all the boys get up on top of the wall.
But Joyanne was left on the ground with no way up, so I ran over and helped her up.

Silly, funny kids!