Thursday, June 8, 2017

Recital and Talent Show

Joyanne had her piano recital towards the end of May.
She has really improved this year.
The students performed a "Mob bop" concert, where there were duet songs, trios, and then multiple kids playing on each of the 6 or 7 pianos and keyboards that were there.
The concert was amazing, light-hearted and fun.
Joyanne played in nearly every group song.

Hiram performed in his school talent show the last week of school.
He did a magic trick that blew the kids' minds.
He asked for 3 volunteers to give him a number that was from 1 to 1000.
He had another volunteer add the numbers up, and tell the answer.
In the audience someone else had been holding an envelope since the beginning of the trick.
He opened the envelope and inside was the same number to the answer of the addition problem they had solved.
Hiram is getting to be quite the magician.

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